High Performance BSI Pixel Technology

Brillnics’ primary choice of pixel technology is the backside illumination (BSI) pixel. It features high sensitivity, high angular response and low noise. To create such highly sensitive image sensors, quantum efficiency (QE) must be increased and the noise floor lowered. Unlike its FSI (front-side illumination) counterpart, since poly and metal lines don’t interrupt incident photons, the BSI pixel provides higher QE and superior angular response in principle. However, it is not that simple in practice; A real device requires special care to secure low pixel-to-pixel crosstalk and to suppress a possible increase of dark current at the rear surface of the BSI device (actually, it is the top surface on which the on-chip microlens array is formed).  The innovative process technology developed by Brillnics together with our foundry has successfully solved these practical issues.  

Brillnics’ pixel design capabilities, in conjunction with our foundry’s process technology, have allowed us to realize a low-noise pinned photodiode with high full well capacity and no blooming.