(in Japanese)
複数の画素変換ゲインを用いた単一露光型広ダイナミックレンジCMOS イメージセンサ

2017 Sep25

Authors 田中 俊介,大高 俊徳, 盛 一也, 吉村 憲雄, 松尾 慎一郎, 阿部 啓史, 安田 直人,石川 賢一郎, 大倉 俊介, 大澤 慎治, 高柳 功


In new markets such as in-vehicle cameras and sensing applications that are rising rapidly in recent years, there is a growing need for image sensors that have a wider dynamic range and are more resistant to the image of moving subjects with high sensitivity and low noise. We have developed a single exposure CIS (CMOS image sensor) which has multiple gain switching functions for each pixel and has a dynamic range exceeding 91dB.