(in Japanese) An Area Efficient Readout Circuit for CMOS Image Sensor with Lateral Overflow Integration Capacitor

2021 August

Authors Ai Otani*, Shunsuke Okura*, Ken Miyauchi, Sangman Han, Hideki Owada and Isao Takayanagi
*Ritsumeikan University

映像情報メディア学会 情報センシング研究会

LOFIC is utilized to realize HDR image sensor, in which low conversion gain (LCG) and high conversion gain (HCG) signal are respectively utilized to realize large full well capacity and small dark noise. However, the LOFIC requires double readout circuits, since the signal direction of LCG and HCG are opposite to each others. In order to provide cost efficient LOFIC CMOS image sensor, the readout circuit which can process both LOFIC HCG and LCG signal (opposite direction) is studied. A combination circuit of an inverting amplifier for HCG and a non-inverting attenuator for LCG could be a solution. The power consumption can be also reduced without amplifier during LCG readout.