(In Japanese) A 4.0µm Stacked Digital Pixel Sensor Operating in A Dual Quantization Mode for High Dynamic Range with Global Shutter Operation

2021 October

Authors Toshiyuki Isozaki, Kazuya Mori, Naoto Yasuda, Ken Miyauchi, Isao Takayanagi, Junichi Nakamura, H. C. Chien, Ken Fu, SG. Wuu, Andrew Berkovich*, Song Chen*, Wei Gao* and Chiao Liu*
*Facebook Inc.

映像情報メディア学会 情報センシング研究会

In this paper, a 4.0µm stacked digital pixel sensor (DPS), which has pixel parallel ADC structure are reported. In this DPS, conventional linear ADC mode and time stamp operation are automatically adapted for low and high illuminance conditions, which is called 2Q operation. Low power consumption, global shutter and 107dB high dynamic range have been achieved with this operation.