A Proposal of Efficient Error Recovery Method Utilizing Output Characteristics of CMOS Image Sensor PUF

2018 Sep9-Sep12

Authors Masayoshi Shirahata*, Shunsuke Okura, Takaya Kubota*, Mitsuru Shiozaki*, Kenichiro Ishikawa, Isao Takayangi and Takeshi Fujino*
*Ritsumeikan University

Conference on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems(CHES) 2018

Information security on sensor devices implemented on IoT nodes in essential. If the signal from the sensor to the microcomputer is not protected, the data can be falsified before being transferred to the next microcomputer. CMOS image sensor PUF (CIS-PUF) had been proposed[1,2], however, the output of PUF ID is not stable. Therefore, the error recovery of PUF ID is required when PUF ID is used as a cryptographic key. In this work, we propose two methods for stabilization of CIS-PUF ID. One is an improved method of soft decision error correction based on reference [3,4]. Another is a method by masking the unstable bits in advance.