BRV0501 : A 1/2.5”, 5M pixel, 60 fps, High Dynamic Range BSI CMOS Image Sensor with NIR Enhancement

The BRV0501 is a high-performance, 1/2.5”, 2592×1944 effective pixel, digital-output NIR enhanced CMOS image sensor, suitable for IP cameras, Hunting cameras and any surveillance applications.  It offers excellent image quality and a variety of high dynamic range (HDR) modes of operation, using Brillnics H³ DRTM technology which enables a single-exposure HDR mode and a multiple exposure HDR mode where up to 2 frames, each having different integration times.  With Brillnics H³ DRTM technology, 75dB intra-scene dynamic range images are obtained in combination with a high-performance 2.12 μm BSI pixel. The image data is output through a 12bit digital data stream. The video I/F of the BRV0501 is 4-lane MIPI-DPHY. In addition, BRV0501 features Brillnics’ NIR enhancement technology, which can fulfill 60% QE (Quantum Efficiency) at 850nm and 40% QE at 940nm that is 3x to 4x better than sensors without this technology. Outstanding NIR technology not only can capture brighter images from farther away by means of superior low light sensitivity, but also can reduce system cost as well as power consumption with fewer IR LEDs.